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Paul & Sidney is a technology-driven Executive Search firm with focus on highly specialized professionals, experts and executives with a strong international specialization in High Tech, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences and ICT.


We're in a generational change. Leadership changes, the demand and therefore executive search changes. Where the classic headhunter remains limited to it's own network, Paul & Sidney take the next step to Data Driven Search Technology.


Our Search Center is capable, using our self-developed software, to map out a complete target group worldwide. We believe that search is technology where mathematicians and IT professionals get the most out of the unlimited database; the Internet.


Paul & Sidney never present just three good candidates, but always present a complete market analysis, stating the reasons why the presented candidates are the best available choices at this time. Transparent and based on data analysis.


What do we have to offer?

  • Technology

    We belong to the QSXL group and continuously invest in innovative web based search technology. The internet is after all not only a source of unlimited data but it also eliminates the geographical distances. Every search begins with the mapping of your target group, resulting in the now famous Sherlock Talent Mapping Report. We share all data and information. That distinguishes ourselves from traditional colleagues.

  • International

    Paul & Sidney is a global company. Internet removes boundaries and makes the word transparant, therefore we have no infrastructure of offices but use close partnerships with colleagues in Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and North America to support you globally. That allows us to find, select and introduce international candidates with the knowledge of the local market and culture.

  • Methodology

    We're in a generation change that will have a significant impact on leadership as we know it today. The demand for executive search will  change and therefore requires another methodology. Our methodology is Data Driven and based on facts, which makes us completely transparent. Each search assignment can be monitored real time through our web based dashboard. You pay for the search process and for the success, including our famous Sherlock Report.


Paul Kroeze

After his Master in Marketing, Paul began his professional career in the eighties as a recruitment consultant at Randstad. He held various management positions at the Randstad Group. Was responsible for the start and development of the Randstad Inhouse division in the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Paul is co-owner of QSXL and Rent-a-Recruiter.

Sidney Hiele

Studied Economics at the University of Groningen. Began his career in 1996 as Operations Manager at a software company. Started his first recruitment company (Qual IT Solutions) in 2001. As co-owner of QSXL Sidney is active in setting up recruitment and implementing projects. Particularly within the scarce labor markets of IT, engineering and R & D. His areas of interest are innovation, research and cross-border recruitment and selection.


Paul & Sidney create a collaborative environment. We seek partnership with our clients.

Each mission begins with a dual intake in which we focus on in the vacancy, the team and the company. By sharing all information during the process we will agree upon the best top candidates faster.

All orders are executed with the highest integrity. Our data-driven approach is also often used for benchmarking  internal candidates.

Case Studies

Country Manager Russia

A Global US vendor specialized in turbo machinery was ready to make the next step with her Russian activities. Within the existing team there was a lack of experienced talent to step up the ladder to become Country Manager. Our client engaged the services of Paul & Sidney to map the talent in the local competitor landscape and benchmark internal talent. Using our Search methodology and based on our survey they decided to start the executive search for an external candidate. Paul & Sidney provided them with three candidates. One candidate really stood out. His experience, personality and network were exceptionally good.

Head of Data Netherlands

A Dutch Investment Banker was left with a problem as a result of the sudden departure of their Senior Data Executive. Our client, as convinced that there were no local candidates at the required level, asked Paul & Sidney to do an intense search in Europe and abroad. By focusing on the most relevant European countries and the US, we were able to identify, engage and present candidates from predominantly the Unites States and one Dutch talent. Although the Dutch candidate didn’t match all criteria, his personal competences made him the ideal candidate for our client.

Manager Engineering US

A Global Oil & Gas company had the choice to appoint an internal candidate for the position of general manager. The internal candidate had all the required experience and was ready for his next step. Our client has a strong diversity policy to develop women’s role in the Oil & Gas sector but the internal candidate was male. Through the assistance of Paul & Sidney the client received a global overview of women meeting all criteria. Our Search Centre started with a group of 350.000 woman globally and finally presented a group of 68 woman meeting all criteria. Our client used the external reference group to benchmark the internal candidates. This information helped our client in selecting the best candidate.

Director Supply Chain Middle East

A Saudi based FMCG company had to anticipate the leave of their Director Supply Chain. The challenge that they faced was the lack of local candidates but the need to have someone on board with supply chain experience in a similar market. Our client asked Paul & Sidney to map Supply Chain Directors with experience in specifically South Africa or Australia. We were able to identify 43 candidates matching all criteria. After screening and interviewing the best candidates we were able to present 7 candidates, who were very motivated to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Country Medical Director

One of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies was looking for a new Medical Director in Europe. In this role he or she  had to advice the Board on issues of medical, scientific and ethical nature. Besides that the MD had to ensure operational excellence and alignment of activities developed by the different divisions. Paul & Sidney was asked to map out the European labor market for capable, potential talent within the pharmaceutical industry. Based on the outcome of their report,  Paul & Sidney traced, engaged and finally presented the best available candidates.

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